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Top Useful Projects to Print with 3D Printers


Whether you already bought a 3D Printer or are simply planning to buy one, this article will give you an idea of usefui items to print with a 3D Printer.

3D Printing has become widely known and as time goes by, its ability to create things is getting limitless. It can print from trinkets, doodads, and ornaments to a more complex and useful design.

One of the best example projects that can be made with a 3D Printed is: 

Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand created by Aaron Mollet.


3d printed object


This Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand allows multiple viewing angles and best of all has a quick grab/release mechanism that grabs and locks the phone in when you let go and releases when you pick up the phone.

This design currently works best for larger phones (iPhone 8 plus/XS Max size).

The entire design is printable other than a small extension spring that needs to be installed when putting the stand together.


useful thing to print on a 3D Printer



You can get everything you need print this amazing useful thing here through the links below:

Spring Kit:

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Filament PLA: Click Here


Orange Filament:

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Choose the best 3D Printer for you here:



Download Files here.


Now you can print something useful with a 3D Printer. Don't forget to subscribe for more updates. Happy printing!